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The Paon-Lin range

PAON-LIN casein-based acrylic paints

Casein is a protein that is one of the basic components of milk. Its use in the manufacture of paint dates back to Antiquity. This is the ingredient that gives Paon-Lin its mat appearance and exceptional covering power. Paon-Lin paints do not cause any health risks.

  • Characteristics
    The presence of acrylic resins in the composition of the paint gives them their strength in contact with water. Paon-Lin paints are easy to look after - they are hand washable with a mild household detergent. They can be used both for interior decorating and outdoor painting (except for the amarante, mauve and heliotrope shades, which are only suitable for indoor use). The pigments are light-fast.
    Casein-based acrylic paints have excellent covering power - thier coverage rate is 6 to 7 m² per kg of paint. They have the soft, chalky appearance of lime, but unlike lime, they do not leave any dust and are easy to apply, using a roller, a brush, or a conventional or airless spraygun. They can be diluted with water. The 54 colours can be mixed together, and the flexible pictorial film does not flake with the passage of time. they dry quickly, and so another coat can be applied quickly. They are also odourless. .
  • The range of colours
    On request, we can send you the Paon-Lin colour chart which you can use to judge the freshness, vivacity, depth, opacity and matteness of these colours.
  • Surfaces
    Paon-Lin paints adhere perfectly on card, papers, canvas, wood, composite boards, glass, plaster, plastics, bricks, cement, concrete, etc.
  • A whole range of uses
    Murals - stage sets - hobbycraft - photographic and television studios - streamers - cartoons - stands etc...

Acrylatex BLANC E paint

Acrylatex BLANC E paint is washable with water. It dries fast and has excellent covering power (about 9 m² per litre). The colours are light-fast. The paint can withstand bad weather, and does not flour. Can be diluted with water.
This superior quality white acrylic paint is intended for indoor or outdoor use. Can be used to paint walls, ceilings, brickwork, cement and concrete.

PAON-ACRYL 100% acrylic satin-finish paints

Designed specially for outside walls, they are extremely durable and have a satin finish, a flexible, non-yellowing film. Paon-Acryl paints breathe and cover well, and dry fast. Can be diluted with water. The colours are light-fast.

ISOL-ACRYL anti-absorbent primer, colourless fixer

White primer
Indoor - Outdoor
Dry  (20°C/65% H.R.)  in  45 Min.       
Other layers can be applied after  4- 5 h.
Cleaning :      Water
This product contains max. 130 g/l OVC

PAON-LATEX mat latex paint

This is used on walls and ceilings indoors. Main qualities : easy to wash, mat appearance, covers very well, dries fast. Can be diluted with water.

Sole distributor of Ralston paints in the Brussels region.