A.Linckx & Fils


With an independent and inquiring mind, Arthur Linckx founded the family firm that bears his name in 1934, and continued making casein-based paints, while giving them an exceptional mat finish.

Arthur Linckx passed on the knowledge about making casein-based paints to his son André, who took over the business in 1947.

A day at work in the Linckx workshops, in 1948

The House of Linckx was founded in the 1930s by Arthur Linckx, a young graduate from the Wood and Marble College in Paris. Not content with using the oil-based paints that were available on the market at the time for his work, this "Jack-of-all-trades" started looking for a more natural, gentler material.

With modest means, he started making a mixture based on casein and pigments. This powder paint, packed in bags, was known as "distemper", and was easily soluble in water. The mat texture of this type of paint, which was reminiscent of the chalky aspect of lime, and the range of rather unconventional colours developed by Arthur Linckx, were highly popular with his clientele of professional artists.